Social Financial Activism

The Mundum Token is the first token/coin dedicated to social financial activism. The Mundum Community promotes social activism through their explicit donations to relief and action organizations. The Mundum® Token, contributed by Mun Ltd. and the token holders, provides financial support to needy projects via completely transparent and 100% traceable transactions on the blockchain.

Community Building

The Mundum® Token, issued by Mun Ltd., is utilized to build a community through its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and social gatherings with celebrities who share the same vision of impactful social activism. NFTs are employed to establish membership and facilitate participation in the organized activities..


The most critical component of the Mundum® Token is its evolving ecosystem of solutions, which offers both financial value and utility to the community. This includes integration into both the traditional financial system and the emerging world of DAPPs (Decentralized Applications), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), the Metaverse (Immersive Social eCommerce), and Web 3.0 (Decentralized Web). The Mundum Token is exclusively distributed by Mun Ltd., and all related transactions are conducted by Mun Ltd and its partner organizations as detailed on the Mun Ltd. website..

About us

In the vanguard of blockchain innovation,

Mun Ltd. stands as a distinguished development studio specializing in the creation and management of blockchain-based ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Our services are tailored to design and cultivate tokens that resonate with our clients' vision, further supporting their journey through token listings on various exchanges.

We take pride in our comprehensive support system that assists clients globally in generating all the essential documentation required for their tokens. Our expertise extends to the complete management of project-specific tokens, ensuring that each step from conception to execution is meticulously overseen.

Our inaugural client, the Mundum-Universe, has entrusted us with the creation of a unique token for their globally established marketplace. This token serves as a versatile utility for numerous business partners within the Mundum-Universe, facilitating a broad spectrum of services and transactions on their platform.

The utility token we've designed for the Mundum-Universe is more than just a digital asset; it's the lifeblood of their marketplace, enabling seamless transactions and interactions. Our technical prowess ensures that the token is not only compliant with the standard protocols but also embedded with advanced features that set it apart in the marketplace.

Each token developed by Mun Ltd. is a testament to our technical acumen and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technology can achieve. As pioneers in the industry, we continually refine our craft to lead the charge in the ever-evolving digital token landscape.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation has cemented our position as key players in the international sphere of blockchain technology. We are not just developers; we are architects of a digital future where tokens are an integral part of economic and social exchange.

Mun Ltd.'s vision is to harness the full potential of blockchain technology to create tokens that aren't just digital assets but are instrumental in forging new business paradigms. Our collaboration with the Mundum-Universe is just the beginning. As we expand our client base, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver unparalleled quality and to redefine the horizons of the digital economy.

The ERC-20 tokens we develop are known for their versatility and compatibility with a wide array of wallets and exchanges, ensuring liquidity and accessibility for our clients. On the other hand, our ERC-721 tokens represent the pinnacle of non-fungible digital assets, offering unique, indivisible tokens perfect for representing ownership over assets with distinct attributes and values.

Our development process is rooted in understanding our clients' unique needs. We commence by mapping out the token's purpose, utility, and the economic model. This is followed by a rigorous phase of smart contract development, where security and efficiency are our top priorities. After thorough testing and auditing, we assist with the token launch, overseeing the intricate details of the initial offering and ensuring a smooth integration into the market.

Furthermore, our post-launch services are comprehensive, encompassing token management, updates, and community support. We ensure that the tokenomics are adhered to and that the token remains a viable and vibrant part of the ecosystem it serves.

In conclusion, Mun Ltd. is at the cutting edge of token development and management. Our expertise spans from the technicalities of smart contract creation to the complexities of market integration. We don't just deliver tokens; we deliver the future of blockchain-based assets, facilitating innovation, and driving growth within the digital economy.

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